Katie Goldberg @katieatbest43 1 week ago
@tyench The replies on it renew my faith in humanity though
George Morris @george_morris98 1 week ago
Faith in humanity restored https://t.co/oH7074Jjqa
Clickbait Bot @clickbait_bot 1 week ago
Incredible. Shark Discovers Dancer! Faith In Humanity Restored.
Andy Yanger @andoyyanger 1 week ago
@irobjimenez A customer like you is a dream come true huhuhuhu ahhhhh faith in humanity restored
maximoff @thenamesnics 1 week ago
Lost my faith in humanity once again 😪 https://t.co/OPXwhx4wtF
bellatrix lestrange @annaoverthin 1 week ago
Faith in humanity restored https://t.co/jtOUkCUMqj
TigerPlays @Fabian04671569 1 week ago
Vanessa Brunner Rupp @vanessabrunner 1 week ago
Having one of those rare MUNI rides that’s restoring my faith in humanity. Everyone is giving up their seats for th… https://t.co/mtuZ7gvsjP
OptiEssence @optiessence 1 week ago
Such a wonderful act of kindness. The type of video that makes your day and restores your faith in humanity. https://t.co/xESpweCYOo
cleo garza @gerardwayskoala 1 week ago
@krandolph_ My faith in humanity has been restored https://t.co/rTL4lW1Vfg
Funky Tweets @_Funky_Tweets_ 1 week ago
Those Awesome Times When Some People Totally Restored Our Faith In Humanity https://t.co/5hE9aaeX0k
Beto @fireball_beto 1 week ago
A random person brought me a drink from the store cause she said I looked sweaty. Faith in humanity restored.
Omar El-Hanafy @Omarelhanafyy 1 week ago
can dogs restore your faith in humanity?
Lifelong 69er @KyleStyle69er 1 week ago
Dipshit drops a dollar and someone hands it back to him Dumbass on the internet 1: faith in humanity restored! Dumb… https://t.co/oAxbi5x4g0
Fiction @FictReal 1 week ago
@effy_elizabeth_ @_autumnkayy Y'all help restore a bit of my faith in humanity and human kindness
Hector Cordoba @hjca_67 1 week ago
Faith in humanity restored. That white police officer is an example to everyone. Kudos to him!! https://t.co/8DUrM07XtC
ArkadiaRetrocade @ArkRetrocade 1 week ago
This has restored 48% of my faith in humanity. I had a couple percent restored earlier when we eked out a + vote on… https://t.co/u3AWTnkvAr
sk8 the fastest & eat the assest @yungpoutymcpout 1 week ago
I'm in the drive thru at Dutch Bros and they told me the car in front of me paid for me my faith in humanity is restored.
Mel Cornford @melcornford 1 week ago
A beautiful read for your Thursday morning from our @kellybakermedia that’ll restore your faith in humanity. It did… https://t.co/Qg98Xtix3E
Gillian Hatcher @gillian_hatcher 1 week ago
@dodo @Caters_News Faith in humanity restored
derek birkett @Sanddancer999 1 week ago
@kotoba_chikara7 😂😂faith in humanity restored😁🤗❤️❤️
Aisha Ahmad @ProfAishaAhmad 1 week ago
@Chantelcole_ First, the woman rescuer restores my battered faith in humanity. ❤️ Second, while I totally support… https://t.co/tbrW5MvRwn
Lauren F. Friedman @fedira 1 week ago
I really need @thisisloveshow to come back so I can have my faith in humanity restored after listening to so much s… https://t.co/zvQUCrtGfQ
luimarci @luimarci 1 week ago
@Newsweek Just as I begin to lose all faith in humanity. Someone comes along and restores it.
Risa @ShadyReba 1 week ago
seeing some people sacrifices their self for other people restore my faith in humanity. may their soul rest in peac… https://t.co/3Jem0DhQE4
Steve Balestrieri @SteveB7SFG 1 week ago
News like this reaffirms our faith in humanity. Maybe there is hope for us all yet https://t.co/uV3hCyEOeq https://t.co/uVZEofciYi
ASHIEYYY 😻 @aCukiKin 1 week ago
Faith in humanity restored. https://t.co/FkKpls7Fy2
Casey (normal human) @CaptLaserPants 1 week ago
RESTORE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY: Pittsburgh man rescues dumpster caught in flood waters by lassoing it with a rope made of stray cats
Ben Donkin @Ben_Donkin109 1 week ago
The comments on this have restored my faith in humanity. https://t.co/GFWV7OmO4q
🕊Margie68🕊 @MaWo300 1 week ago
@just_me_jeff_ It renews their faith in humanity 🙏🏻
Nick Honeycutt @NickHoneycutt3 1 week ago
I’ll lose all faith in humanity if @Bluecoats don’t wear blue this year https://t.co/knCtNCRjq1
Kelly Anne Wolfe @kellyannewolfe 1 week ago
There is a global awakening happening. And tho I am not religious I have faith.. faith in humanity. Faith that ever… https://t.co/DMxcWMyGUw
Will @OkamiIssho 1 week ago
@MoistCr1TiKaL Did that actually happen lmao losing all faith in humanity
Justin @ForADeadPoet 1 week ago
@MarkDiStef Kinda lose faith in humanity when that many people are reading the shitrag that is The Sun
Jonathan Cast @jonathanccast 1 week ago
I just realized the web really took off originally because web browsers were GUIs. I no longer have any faith in humanity.
Biffy King @BiffyKing1 1 week ago
@NBA @spidadmitchell @BenSimmons25 @jaytatum0 @NBAonTNT If Spida doesn't win, I lose faith in humanity
Athens @athenarosa 1 week ago
honestly, I've lost faith in humanity
Larissa Hollingsworth @LarissaRae526 1 week ago
You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does no… https://t.co/e445i3BKsx
Al Harrington @Wacky_Waving 1 week ago
@StefanieJoy7 Ugh people like him make me lose all faith in humanity:(
Nate Bryan @NateInSports 1 week ago
I am losing faith in humanity. The original audio for the #yannyvslaurel debate came from the link below -- the… https://t.co/d2zappBZG5
PickleXL @PickleXL 1 week ago
Why is the hottest thing on the internet this laurel or yanny debate. I swear I lose faith in humanity by the day
Ken Hunt @BugHunt 1 week ago
What!? Wait! Noooo... President Donald Trump LIED!?!?? My faith in humanity has ended... said no one. https://t.co/qA037oI5zh
SINCERE 5️⃣2️⃣9️⃣ ✊🏿 @Sincere529 1 week ago
Lose just a little more faith in humanity... a #ThingsIDoEveryday
Golden Goddess ✨♓️ @PerfectxPisces 1 week ago
I’ve lost faith in humanity. Lynchings in 2018. I’m so glad that little boy got away. We need to unify. Shit is REAL.
MATHIAS OLSEN @MATHIAS24021251 1 week ago
@kabukiman_troma I just lost all faith in humanity
IsaiahGFilms @gillisissiah 1 week ago
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/8cLdVFkTdO D Se Dab but every time he says dab i lose my faith in humanity
Johnny @WeeabooJohnny 1 week ago
People are so fucking stupid sometimes, I lost my faith in humanity already. https://t.co/FIgX7GxaDy
✨boo boo kitty fuck✨ @lulubelle666 1 week ago
When I see the videos of people saving animals...makes me not lose faith in humanity...there is still SOME good in this world...
Spencer Ervin @SpencErvin 1 week ago
No faith in humanity #thisisamerica https://t.co/CiWbQfQDkl
Mark Birhanu @markbirhanu 1 week ago
And as the knee of my crossed leg inches closer to the underside of the table, my faith in humanity assures me that there will not be gum
Maurício Fagundes @maufagundes47 1 week ago
@shewrick @johncampea recently lost his faith in humanity and will to produce content over shit like this.
Mike T @miketurkalj 1 week ago
If you want to lose your faith in humanity, go to the Comments section of https://t.co/Uj6GIUpg4i.
kiganjo worldyouthgp @KWorldyouthgp 1 week ago
You must not lose faith in humanity.Humanity is like an ocean!....
mary @jiminiesglow 1 week ago
I'm losing even more faith in humanity nowadays
Majid yousoof Tarray @TarrayMajid 1 week ago
Not a pinch I lost faith in humanity in India now ....Hell BJP https://t.co/crD0dtxIdQ
Gay for Alex Jones @GayforAlexJone1 1 week ago
I'm so sorry the Tim Hortons pooper made you lose faith in humanity- personally I lost faith when you used that edg… https://t.co/1EojvbQiVA
ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ @julsjulsjulsx 1 week ago
Sorry. Lost my faith in humanity.
dani @mokztheartist 1 week ago
i just saw a nine year old with a iphone 8 and i’ve now lost all faith in humanity
NataliaNotNat 🎄 @NataliaNotNat 1 week ago
No matter how angry I feel I still have faith in humanity, animals and doing the right thing; apologies for shooting from the lip today X
Paola @asphodelia 1 week ago
@hansonmusical My faith in humanity is long gone, mate.