Sarah Despres @sarahdespres an hr ago
@joshrising @coukell this article restores my faith in humanity.
Christine @TheDivineMrsO an hr ago
Employable Me restores some faith in humanity for me. These people 💖
✖️Susan @Swazzan98 2 hrs ago
Please restore my faith in humanity 😂
tanyalee @TanyaLeeKohle 2 hrs ago
💜 faith in humanity slowly being restored. Love this! https://t.co/LVoblSLYcj
Alex Hess @A_Hess 2 hrs ago
@shornKOOMINS Ha! The comments underneath restored some of my faith in humanity
Mjan @sadboiee 2 hrs ago
UPDATE: He has returned them! Faith in humanity restored. Now i’ll get him one as a gift cuz im nice. https://t.co/EnHzXE3OY3
Mark E Freemantle @mefreemantle 4 hrs ago
My faith in humanity is renewed- gal on the train is reading a comic book 😉 https://t.co/T2RWjhCe0a
King Lemmy @King_LemmyG 5 hrs ago
Let’s restore faith in humanity..!! https://t.co/rspduJhtol
Meryn🌷💚 @Mebinhk 5 hrs ago
@nicholsevansfan Restores faith in humanity Liz.💛 Thanks for sharing.💚
Amirah @amirahmendez 6 hrs ago
zemari @AbdulBAYLIFE 6 hrs ago
Faith in humanity restored
Martin Knudsen @Planet_Yoda 7 hrs ago
How the world's biggest Star Wars convention helped (briefly) restore my faith in humanity https://t.co/xleYpU0pBq
Kenneth @NiceGuyKenny 7 hrs ago
The replies Jack Jones gets to his shit made up videos really restores my faith in humanity.
Lilac Rose @Standing4_Peace 7 hrs ago
@Comey Dear Mr. Comey: thank you for helping to restore my faith in humanity. I appreciate your shared valued appr… https://t.co/GehOkSE2uM
Dana Conroy @danalou55 9 hrs ago
Such a beautiful story of generosity and giving. Restores your faith in humanity. https://t.co/aKFrxjPqG4
Elise Strauss @elisejory 9 hrs ago
@elonmusk Thank you. You’re restoring much more than power...as in, my faith in humanity. You’re amazing.
Ryan Z @NeonSoakedTokyo 9 hrs ago
The fucking ratio. Faith in humanity is restored. https://t.co/oFDSgqwad5
Norman Hering @norman_hering 9 hrs ago
You Fellow #Resisters have renewed my faith in humanity! Help me get past 2k. #FBResistance party 🎉 #Like… https://t.co/obFLkTwIgI
Kadence Young @KadenYoube 10 hrs ago
laughter right? Faith In Humanity Restored https://t.co/MIW6EszHTv #funniness #giggle #smirk #funny https://t.co/XqesXf8eQv
Scott @Spottskelly62 10 hrs ago
British Wounded Soldiers at DFW. If this doesn't restore your faith in humanity. You are dead inside. https://t.co/rfoR7mLArT
Paige öf Quarrel @caliyuga 52 mins ago
And then these two awesome women got into a classiness competition and my faith in humanity was restored. There are… https://t.co/iaBRryeSiM
Rox @roxshep 44 mins ago
@CNN You just restored faith in humanity for millions of ppl. Well said and done and tk you for your service! The w… https://t.co/cE6SFPJIhZ
Lisa McErlane Yao @LisaMcerlaneYao 34 mins ago
@kevinkrim You and your wife renew our faith in humanity every day.
DAMIEN @damienedwards93 33 mins ago
Drove by 2 wee guys and heard one said to the other "ma da will do your da" faith in humanity restored. Thought that statement was gone
Clickbait Bot @clickbait_bot 31 mins ago
Dentist Likes Chris Evans... Faith In Humanity Restored.
andrei eadward @eadwardeadward 21 mins ago
lost faith in humanity once again
erica @stylesIipas 21 mins ago
faith in humanity is restored https://t.co/fxh4jux9Yy
Dreamer Hyena 🚗 BLFC @DreamerHyena 15 mins ago
@CMYKaiju This video restored my faith in humanity
Madama Meta @twinbrujahs 14 mins ago
@NinaHarrelsonTV +10 Faith in Humanity restored
Cameron LiDestri @CameronVW 11 mins ago
@petersagal Faith in humanity...restored.
🦋 @primadge 5 hrs ago
i literally lost my faith in humanity
Kim Inseong is the light of my life @im_not_riona 5 hrs ago
okay so i haven't lost all faith in humanity lmao
ChelseaChick @NdiSandra 6 hrs ago
@Miss_RaeRV Lmao 😂. I keep losing faith in humanity
Aric P-NUT Matney @AricMatney 9 hrs ago
My faith in humanity dies more and more each day....
Victor Rene Valenzuela @ReneTheMenace 9 hrs ago
Every time I see a grown man in Rainbows and skinny jeans, I lose a little more faith in humanity.
If Taylor doesn't win all of these. I'm losing my faith in humanity https://t.co/IGFavRTwHS
WiseGuyMeme @demon315 10 hrs ago
I’ve officially lost faith in humanity https://t.co/4JK4XbB9SA
Ryan @ryan_brincey 10 hrs ago
@MBarnettDSC17 @JT4threee Wait people actually use their feet to take their socks off? I’ve lost faith in humanity
Lea S. @leasch15 10 hrs ago
Funny story! The replies to this thread, however, would make Pollyanna lose her faith in humanity 🙄 Now the Dad sa… https://t.co/f943CKpEBY
FSM Reverend Keaton @medicamoore 10 hrs ago
@AtheistRepublic I have faith in humanity. No matter how bad it gets somewhere there is a human doing something go… https://t.co/pIJyX5wB57
Aisha Acosta Makee @1980seamstress 11 hrs ago
@CBSDenver Lost faith in humanity, what assholes!
𝔸𝕕𝕣𝕚𝕒𝕟 𝔾𝕠𝕟𝕫𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕫 @TheRealAGon 11 hrs ago
@CarGuyDad Well, if you’re ever in the mood to lose more faith in humanity and possibly throw a controller through… https://t.co/KxFzrEanZy
QuinnChan489 @KaiTheGamerCat 11 hrs ago
@queer_queenie I would leave an image of myself....But I dont want to make people loose the faith in humanity, plen… https://t.co/zEeGpTZtfU
Life Motivation @lnspireMotivate 12 hrs ago
You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
Jen Henderson @jenderson15 12 hrs ago
I’ve lost all faith in humanity. Another extremely depressing day. I’m gonna buy a bubble or just never leave my house.
E7han @Etan35710552 12 hrs ago
@MorganWilkey @JGhosty I lost faith in humanity, but you just brought it back. People like you are the reason why w… https://t.co/EnQdSU73ZZ
Tom @Tom_Roberts72 12 hrs ago
The amount of shit emoji’s and how many times the word ‘sesh’ was said has honestly made me lose faith in humanity https://t.co/P0TmXXSAph
Charlie⇞🍂 @BYEftSeb 13 hrs ago
Everyday I lose more and more faith in humanity we’re a sick twisted disgusting species that only care about money… https://t.co/i2RrPlJnnx
The OG Devil's Agvocate™️ 🇺🇸 (aka Michelle) @MGigger 13 hrs ago
Just when I want to lose faith in humanity, I see this. Go Fund me is taking donations until midnight.… https://t.co/aIB9Sjde2q
Jennie Blankenship @punken316316 13 hrs ago
If you ever start to lose faith in humanity, then I implore you look up the Real Life Heroes channel on YouTube. It… https://t.co/7Fl5GEhNhK
the joker @hennlrevjoker 5 hrs ago
does anybody still disbelieve my total lack of faith in humanity?: ) https://t.co/q2MmtVkSt3
Blanquita @Blanca_DeDios 4 hrs ago
"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does n… https://t.co/9UUeim6Mtl
Andy Warth @AndyWarth 4 hrs ago
@SonOfElTheBat I want to believe it didn't or else there goes my faith in humanity
V Silverman @nikeagxy 2 hrs ago
Good morning, today is going to be a good day. Why, you ask? Because I may lose all faith in humanity otherwise! :)
✠ Mine 🇸🇾 @SmolStrasserite an hr ago
ive lost faith in humanity https://t.co/DP0KQDopBn
KSHP-DB @KSHP_DB an hr ago
#KSHP spinning #EnemyRemains - No Faith in Humanity [@enemyremains] at https://t.co/Ol6jRTcwis
Jamie Karakizi @jamiekarakizi 42 mins ago
Today I heard someone say that "sleeping is overrated" and now I'm slowly losing faith in humanity. https://t.co/7zjYFGdsB5
누라 @03outof10 36 mins ago
@haftyjimin I lost faith in humanity
celine @riolacel 35 mins ago
What's going on #twd i've just lost faith in humanity after what rick did tf
Miss strange @m398765434 18 mins ago
If PanamaRatna is awarded bharatratna🤔🙄.... I'll lose my faith in humanity 🤐#BharatRatnaForBACHCHAN